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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

iVanessaHudgensReal is a POSER!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Best Day EVER!!

Many of you probably do not know, unless you've watched my live chats or DaniellaPersonal, but im a fanatic of the ShayCarl / Shaytards channel-family. So for my birthday i got my parents to buy me a Shaytard calendar. I was one of the few lucky who got a signature on it. But of the few luckier who get an extra on it luke a signture, drawing ect... But princesstard, the second oldest of the kids, also signed my calendar. I literally screamed when i found out. You may think why? its only a youtuber. But i describe my feelings towards that particular channel, as a 12yr old girls obsession with Justin Bieber. Though i hate Justin, it can put into perspective my love for their channel. And how ShayCarl was one of the insperations for my DaniellaPersonal channel along with fellow YouTubers like Shane Dawson.
<3 ~ Daniella Judith

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ke$ha Tik Tok New Years Karaoke


i Would Like To Sincerely Thank Each And Every One Of You Who Has Supported Me Throughout My Journey On YouTube This Year. I Had So Much Fun Creating Videos For You & Talking To A Whole Bunch Of You On MY Down Time. It All Because Of You I Have Continued To Do What I Love On YouTube. This Year Was Huge For Me On YouTube, But Lets Try And Make 2012 Even BIGGER!!! Do You Think We Can Do It? Cause I KNOW We Can! 
Thank You All From The Bottom Of My Heart ~Daniella Judith <3

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thank You!!

Thank You For The Amazing Support On My Latest Video I Have Uploaded! The Poser Video Has Received An Overwhelming 1000+ Views In The First 24 Hours After Being Uploaded! If You All Keep Up This Kind Of Support For The New 2-3 Months We Can Get Back New New Video Weekly.

<3 ~Daniella

Sunday, October 23, 2011

YouTube Break

For About The Next 2 Weeks Or So I Am Going To Be Taking A Break From My @OfficalPoserBuster Channel. I Will Be On Maybe Like For 10min A Day To Just Reply To Ur Comments/Messages, But I Will Not Be Uploading Any Content Onto The Channel. @DaniellaPersonal Will Continue To Have Content Added For The Next 2 Weeks.
The Break From @OfficalPoserBuster is Due To The Lack Of Support I Feel Like I Have Been Getting From You Guys In Wanting To Watch The Video, Or LEt Alone Even Wanting New Ones To Be Updated. I Am Unsure If I Will Continue To Upload Content Onto @OfficalPoserBuster After The 2 Weeks, But That Also Depends On How Much You All Truly Do Support The Channel.

Monday, October 3, 2011

New Videos?!

So All You Know That The Past Few Months New Videos Have Been Coming Out Further & Further From The Previous Video. I Will Try & Get A New Video Up Weekly, But Then That Also Depends On ALL Of You. The More Views, Likes, Favs, Comments ect... The Latest Video Gets, The Quicker A New Video Will Be Uploaded. So Its Now In The Ur Hands Of How Badly U Really Want A New Video. So Be Sure To Do All That & Spread The Word Of New Videos... Or It Can Become Monthly New Poser Videos Are Done.

<3 ~Daniella